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The goal of the KY-TN Conference Women’s Ministries Department is to disciple women to know and show Jesus. Our spiritual vision is to lift up Jesus by enabling women to discover and realize their leadership and ministry within the home, the church, and the community. We endeavor to enrich and empower women to realize their value as human beings and devise creative opportunities to share the Good News with all people groups. We are a team that prays, disciples, mentors, plans, and worships together awaiting our Lord’s return.


Gail McKenzie
Women's Ministries Director
(615) 859-1391 ext. 235

Gail, as a dynamic teacher and speaker is dedicated to the spiritual nurturing of the women of the KYTN Conference. She is blessed with an abundance of enthusiasm which she channels first and foremost to her Savior. Gail's thirst for God's Word is an inspiration and her walk with Jesus undeniable. As a pastor's wife, mother of three grown children, and two grandchildren she is able to reach out to the issues women face from her heart. As a breast cancer survivor she has had a journey through the wilderness that has only added to her passion for God's Word and His soon return.