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Growing Prayer in Your Church

Special Prayer Experience
Resource:  Jesus Waits

Corporate Prayer Time Powerpoint
Introduction:  In Exodus chapter 3 we find Moses at the burning bush.  After he was given his commission, Moses asked who he should tell the people that it was who sent him? He wondered how they would know he speaks the truth and truly is the one to lead his people out of bondage. In verse 14 God answers saying "I am the one who always is.  Just tell them, I AM has sent me to you."  He tells us "I AM the alpha and omega." I AM the way the truth and the life."  Before we pray, let's think about who the I AM, the one we are petitioning and submitting to, who He really is.....
Start the slides.  Add your choice of music to play along with it. 
I AM slides for corporate prayer  (must have Power Point installed to open)

On Sabbath
Meet thirty minutes before services begins to prayer walk through the church praying for every leader, teacher and pastor. 

Let people know you will be available for a few minutes after church to pray with people.

Seasons of Prayer
Promote within your church to begin every meeting whether a board meeting, a nominating committee, or any other group meeting with a “season of prayer"not just a “word of prayer.”  This is God’s church and this is God’s work.  Let Him show you what is on His heart.  This should also include ministry meetings.  Remember these are God's
ministries, not peoples's.

Praying for Church Ministries