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Higher Up - Deeper In Bible Study "How To"


March 31-April 1 @ Indian Creek Camp



We are SO very excited to announce our BRAND - NEW Bible Study Conference at ICC! It is a one-night, two-day intensive training and experience in studying the Bible.

  • This is a comprehensive weekend designed to give women a foundation in proper Biblical study, and to learn how to discover deeper truths in the Scriptures.
  • Our goal is to help you find new ways of understanding and gaining knowledge in the Word of God.
  • It will be a weekend of concentrated time to grow your experience with God through His Word.
  • Beyond the impact on your relationship with Jesus our desire is use this as an outreach to reach other women in a non-threatening environment.
  • To fulfill this goal we are asking each woman who attends to bring someone who is not a member or is a newly baptized member of 2 years or less.
  • Your guest will attend for 1/2 the fee which will be $40.00 and includes one-nights lodging, 3 vegetarian meals, and a 6-week Bible Study guide.
  • For each member the fee is $80.00 which includes one-nights lodging, 3 vegetarian meals, and a 6-week Bible Study guide. But wait – there is more! 
  • At the conclusion of the conference you will be asked to share this study with someone else when you return to your local church.
  • If you complete the study with one or more women (It will contain 6 lessons) you will have the option to fill out a refund certificate by October 31, 2017 to request from us a full refund of your fee (40.00 or 80.00 respectively) 
Our ONE desire is for you to go "Higher Up and Deeper In" with Jesus. And to share your newfound knowledge and experience with other women in your church and community!