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At Indian Creek Camp!

How Would You Define Yourself?

What one word would sum up who you are? God has just the description, Loved! It’s hard to believe we are loved because we’ve been conditioned to think otherwise! This year’s retreat will encourage and inspire you to look at all the ways God wants you to know you are, Loved, That’s Who I Am! 


Lola Moore Johnston - Sept. 15-17
Pastor Lola Moore Johnston began serving at the Trinity Temple SDA Church in Newark, NJ. She emerged as a leader and change-agent during her studies at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA where she graduated with a BA in Religious Studies. She then earned the Master of Divinity at the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University. Since then, she has served the Lord and the SDA Church as Chaplain in Orlando, Florida and Pastor in the South Central Conference. Along with formal ministry, Pastor Johnston is blessed to share the good news of Jesus as a recording artist and author.
Pastor Johnston married her friend and partner in life, Keith Johnston in November of 2016. She currently serves as Young Adult Ministries Director for the South Central Conference based in Nashville, TN.
Jan Yakush - Sept. 22-24
Older and wiser than ever before (mostly older!), Jan has been collecting knowledge and experiences, which she shares in refreshing ways to teach, encourage, and inspire! She has served as an academy Bible teacher and chaplain and is currently the principal, and seventh- and eighth-grade teacher at an amazing little elementary school, Rocky Knoll School. She may be single and without kids, but she does have nine guitars, two cats, two kayaks, and recently purchased a house with no bathrooms! (What was she thinking?!) Hint: She thinks life is pretty much an adventure!


Higher Up - Deeper In - Gail McKenzie
Gail McKenzie lives in Madison, Tennessee and serves as WM Director and Prayer Coordinator for the Kentucky/Tennessee Conference, a position she has held for over fifteen years. Her husband Mike is a pastor, they have three children, a son in-law and daughter in-law and most importantly three grandchildren! For many years, she has taught an in-depth Bible study Sabbath School class, How to study the Bible seminars, and most recently added a weekly Bible study for 6th graders at the local church school. (You might catch that her passion is Bible study!) She calls her year as interim pastor for GracePoint Church in Franklin, Tennessee, “one of the most rewarding opportunities ever!” For 3 year’s she hosted two TV programs called, Health Hope and Truth and Wellness, on the local Nashville cable channel. The most challenging journey yet, has been her recent battle with breast cancer! As a 3 ½ year survivor her enthusiasm for reaching women has never wavered, but grown! Additionally, she has finally written her first series of Bible studies for women, Higher Up, Deeper In: From the Beginning, which has been a dream of hers for many years! Gail’s greatest desire is for women everywhere to experience and know who Jesus is, how much He loves them, and who they can be in Christ! Her salutation is always, At His feet! “There is no other place I would rather be!”

Praying For Your Husband - Melissa Weisner
I am the prayer ministry leader at the Oasis Seventh Day Adventist church in Portland TN. I am the mother of three and called mom by two others that I claim as my own. I have also been functioning as an assistant prayer ministry coordinator to Gail McKenzie for over a year now. I have been in prayer ministry for going on 4 years and have learned so much about what prayer is, means, and how it connects us with the creator of the universe if we only use that connection. I have found faith like never before as prayer ministry leader by watching God move in our church and in the lives of those asking for prayer. I have heard all of my life that we must pray God's will but no one ever showed me what that looked like. When my husband and I hit a difficult time that brought us to an empass, I found myself desperate for God to take control and do something because I didn't know what to do!  I searched until I found a testimony of a marriage saved through praying scripture. She gave an example and I took it from there. Praying scripture took my marriage from limping along to a relationship I never even imagined possible. I now pray scripture for my children, my friends, and my church as well as mentor other women in how to pray for their husbands. I've taught classes on praying for your husband and have teamed up with my husband who has been on a journey of his own on how to be the spiritual leader of his home (something I prayed for). Together we have started seminars on how to be a Christian marriage and family with God at the center and prayer as the means. 
Dealing With Depression In a Natural Way (1st Weekend Only) - Christina Cecotto
Christina Cecotto, LMSW, is a Christian therapist, life and health coach. She has appeared various times on
3ABN to discuss mental health issues on the program "A Multitude of Counselors." Her lifework is focused
on helping others learn to personally apply biblical principles in a powerful way so that they may overcome
trauma and other mental health issues through the blood of Jesus Christ.
Dealing With Depression In a Natural Way (2nd Weekend Only) - Rich Kline
Rich Kline is a certified Nedley Depression & Anxiety Director.  He is trained in such areas as; identifying depression, nutrition and the brain, how thinking can defeat depression, stress without distress, positive lifestyle choices, and lifestyle treatments.  Rich leads depression recovery seminars and is also a trained Health Champion in which he leads and facilitates the C.H.I.P program, the complete health improvement program.  Rich is married to Valeri, they have 3 beautiful daughters, and currently reside in Lebanon, TN.

Ceramics, Boat Rides, Berry Tarts with Rhonda, Creating a Prayer Journal (2nd Weekend Only)

In The Kitchen with Kristina McFeeters (1st Weekend)
In The Kitchen with Barbara Neher (2nd Weekend)

Help by bringin towels, washcloths, flip flops, basic higiene items (no razors) to the Women's Retreat, and by signing up to join us in reaching those in need for our God-in-Shoes Mission Event on July 22-28, 2018 in Madison, TN.

Register for Sept. 15-17                   Register for Sept. 22-24