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Women's Ministries Leader Resources
If you are a new WM Leader for a church in the KYTN Conference and would like to request a Women’s Ministries Quick Start Guide and/or a Women’s Ministries Handbook click here to send an email request.  Include mailing address and item(s) being requested in the message box.  


How to Begin a Women’s Ministries Program in My Local Church
Visioning Process
Without a vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18.   Ask God to give you a vision as to what He wants for you and your church.

Write a Mission Statement
A Mission Statement helps remind you of the purpose of your ministry.  You can then plan activities and programs that support its purpose.

Determine Priorities
You may want to do a survey of the women in your church to find what specific programs, classes and outreaches your group wants.

Write Effective Goals
Your program will have more support and will be more successful if you set realistic goals.  Determine resources needed.  Evaluate your programs after they are finished.

Determine Funding for Programs
You may be fortunate to be in a church where the board will give you a liberal budget or you may have no money at all and will have to be very creative.  

Advertise Your Programs
Think of every possible method of informing that you have at your disposal.  You will be most effective if you can get your entire congregation involved in promoting your program. 

Establish a Mentoring Program
The purpose of Women’s Ministries is to minister to the women and young women of your church and to reach out to those who are nonmembers.  Make certain that every individual is made welcome and comfortable at your programs.  Women’s Ministries is inclusive.
101 Ideas for Women’s Ministries
from the General Conference Women's Ministries Dept

Women's Ministries Interest Survey
from WM Handbook